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Reporting Services


Quality of care, positive outcomes, patient satisfaction and productivity have always been important in medicine.  With recent changes in healthcare reimbursements, tracking quality, outcomes, satisfaction and productivity is now necessary. NeuroDPM™ marries internal performance tracking, health plan membership & billing information, and healthcare facility utilization to monitor productivity, detect best practices, and use that information to improve performance. 

Performance Monitoring

  • NeuroDPM™ makes intense use of information systems to record performance.  

  • Information on physician performance, network utilization, health care resource utilization, population management, and facility performance along with associated cost data is recorded in a HIPAA compliant manner.


  • Within the scope of neuroscience-oriented care, NeuroDPM™ is able to match neuroscience performance to national averages and, as our client list grows, to an even higher standard... our own.

  • Benchmarking performance, cost by specific diagnosis or procedure, and comparing facilities in similar and disparate regions allows us to identify trends, processes and specific competences that can be transferred to other networks and facilities increasing the overall level of care while keeping a watchful eye on costs. 

Impact Reporting


  • For each client, NeuroDPM™ tracks internal utilization, productivity, quality and cost to determine the benefit in performance and cost to each of our clients. 


  • NeuroDPM™'s Impact Reports can detail exactly where our activities have been positive and can serve as an important planning tool for future improvements.

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