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About NeuroDPM™

NeuroDPM™ engages in and monitors the delivery and results of neuroscience services in healthcare.  The Company has developed patent pending processes, which allow it to deliver services and manage global risk for a defined population, at a set cost, for an extended period of time.  NeuroDPM™ has demonstrated an unerring ability to deliver higher quality care, improved availability/use of healthcare resources, and substantial system-wide cost savings. 

NeuroDPM™ offers healthcare purchasers an immediate per capita savings on their professional neuroscience services (neurosurgery, ortho/spine surgery, neurology, and interventional radiology), in return for a share of overall system savings. This partnership between neuroscience physicians and hospitalists aligns physician pay with positive patient outcomes, satisfaction, and system wide cost containment.

Central to NeuroDPM's, strategy is to foster cooperation with the most expensive item in healthcare... the doctor's pen.  The Company has developed proper incentives, checks, and balances to assure patients are getting the best necessary care.  NeuroDPM™ physicians enjoy increased earning potential with Pay-for-Performance incentives that create system wide efficiencies and quality maximization.

Defined Population Management

  • The active application of process and strategy within a specified set of healthcare services for defined groups of individuals with the goal of improving availability, quality, and outcomes of care to improve the health an satisfaction of the group's individuals at the lowest necessary cost. 


Global Risk Management

  • Defined Population Management where the specified set of services managed is expanded to include the entire medical treatment value chain to enhance the availability, quality, outcomes, health, and satisfaction improvements.


Medical Treatment Value Chain

  • Medical treatment value chain includes healthcare facilities, diagnostic facilities/providers, rehabilitative/ hospice/nursing facilities, therapy providers, prescriptions, etc. 

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