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Professional Services

NeuroDPM™ delivery of care practices leverage a proprietary, peer driven review system assuring that patients are rendered only the best, most effective and necessary care.    NeuroDPM™ management improves effective use of healthcare resources, which, in situations where NeuroDPM™ provides only management of services, the cost of services stays stable.


  • Our specialist team provides complete coverage for any contracted defined population. In dealing with NeuroDPM™, our processes and systems allow us to provide greater availability with a defined narrow network of providers who are able to meet the specifications of quality and cost that the health plan has established.


  • This typically results in greater availability of providers and reduction in network leakage. These relationships will be fundamentally different than in the past: more collaborative, transparent and trusting. 


  • NeuroDPM™ rewards its neurosurgical providers for positive outcomes, patient satisfaction, administrative accuracy, efficiency, availability, and productivity. We have initiated measurement systems to track these measures and over time, will have a growing body of data as to the effectiveness of specific practices.


  • Additionally, by working with different health plans, integrated delivery systems, and defined populations, NeuroDPM™ will be exposed to new ideas, processes and practices putting it in the position to detect trends and evaluate opportunities for improvement across our own client base. 

Cost Containment

  • From hospitals to imaging centers to ambulatory surgery centers, post-operative therapeutic and recuperative facilities and more... NeuroDPM™ assesses capabilities, convenience and cost factors to determine which facilities can provide the best service at the optimum cost.  

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