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Global Risk Management

Medicare/CMS is offering health plans an incentive for containing cost.  If the health plan agrees to a fixed fee for their insured population, and if the actual cost of care is less than the fee, the health plan can keep the difference.   Healthcare providers and facilities do not have similar incentive to accept a maximum cost.  When it comes to patients with neuroscience medical needs, NeuroDPM™ is better suited to manage the full spectrum of services provided by physicians, health care facilities, diagnostics facilities, and post-operative facilities/service providers.

Transition of Care

  • Each neuroscience procedure has established norms for the proper level of care as the recovery proceeds.  The more serious the case, the more expensive the level of care. 

  • As a patient recovers, the level of care can be safely stepped down so as not to require additional hospital resources and at a lower cost.

  • NeuroDPM™ Provides tools to its physicians to monitor the point at which care can be stepped down so that higher cost services are not needlessly provided. 

Network Management

  • Network management includes optimizing cost and capability profiles within the health plan clients' networks. As we seek to narrow the network of specialist physicians, we look to consolidate facilities to gain similar productivity increases and cost efficiencies.  

  • Having a high performing narrow network of facilities and non-physician services reduces network leakage.

  • NeuroDPM™'s active management of leakage cases leads to rapid repatriation and minimization of out-of-network costs.

Facility Selection

  • From hospitals to imaging centers to ambulatory surgery centers, post-operative therapeutic and recuperative facilities and more NeuroDPM™ assesses capabilities,   convenience and cost factors to determine which facilities can provide the best service at the optimum cost.  

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